The New Application Messaging rival Samsung ChatOn fuel Already Gliding in Android, Samsung and Bada

Cross-platform applications for messaging from Samsung named ChatON have arrived at Google's Android Market. This service which was announced in August, is the same as the fuel of the RIM BlackBerry or Apple iMessage which allows an alternative to SMS or MMS.
Currently, Samsung ChatON support Android, and Bada OS and can run on low end Samsung phones, but the company promises support for IOS and BlackBerry are also in the near future.

In addition to cell phone chatting, ChatON plans to offer Web-based client that will allow users to chat from their PC too. Users can have private conversations facility 1-to 1 -, participate in chat groups and share media, like photos, videos, voice messages and contacts.

On the lowend phones Samsung, the service allows for text, images appointments, calendar and contact sharing. On the smartphone, users will have some additional options, such as the ability to comment on their respective profiles, send multimedia messages that combine text and audio, and view their own "Rank Interaction," which displays how active they are on a network ChatOn.

Description of the Android Market also add something about the delivery of "animation" message, which is made by drawing.

Android version is available on the Android Market and works on Android 2.2 and 2.3. Samsung (Bada) version is available in the App Store Samsung.

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